In transforming the way they work, GE knew it was time to rethink the performance process. Old performance management systems don’t work in a fast-changing market. The old way restricts them and doesn’t allow for the innovation critical for companies to remain relevant today. Join us in learning how to redefine and rebuild your company’s culture during an interview with Marilyn Gorman, Senior Faculty for Lean Startup Co.’s Education Program, and Janice Semper the Culture Leader for General Electric.The Lean Startup approach goes beyond building products and can be a toolkit used for the entire company, fundamentally changing the way we work and think.

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Correcting Eyesight with Virtual Reality and Lean Startup

Lean Healthcare Helped This Entrepreneur Correct His Vision Health-tech entrepreneurs are rightfully cautious about inputting life-altering MVPs into play. Their new products are often bound by both ethical standards and industry regulations. But as Vivid…