In this webcast Amee Mungo (GoKart Labs) and James Warren (JMI) will preview their Lean Startup Week panel discussion on Getting Your “Old School” Company to Embrace a New Innovation Strategy. This particular topic came up multiple times in our Lean Startup Co. customer discovery calls, and we’re excited to have such an esteemed group offering tips from the battlefield on the concrete steps, tactics, and approaches that will help turn short-term visions of entrepreneurship into long-term systems of innovation that even the most bureaucratic of organizations can follow. The webcast will be moderated by another Lean Enterprise expert, Stacy Conlon, Director of Business Development at Lean Startup Co.

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Lean Enterprise: Bringing Lean to Established Companies

Lean Startup techniques aren’t just for young companies. In fact, they’ve been profitably applied in established companies like Intuit, GE, and Toyota. But there are particular challenges in bringing Lean Startup to enterprise corporations, and…