SOCAP 2013 Book

Lean Impact Takes On SOCAP13!

Thanks to our FANTASTIC community of social changers, we were able to win a spot to host a panel at next week’s SOCAP13 in San Francisco.

To all of you who voted for us, THANK YOU!!!

The topic:

What Does The Lean Startup Look Like for The Social Sector?

We are incredibly excited to bring the mission of Lean Impact to SOCAP13 to help social good organizations adopt Lean Startup principles and wanted to share a little more detail with you about our panel:


When And Where Is This SOCAP Panel?

The “What Does the Lean Startup look like for the Social Sector?” panel will take place at SOCAP13 on Wednesday 9/4 from 10:45AM to 11:45AM at the Marina. The panel is OPEN for all SOCAP’ers to attend… So please JOIN US!!!


What Is This SOCAP Panel All About?

What happens you take a popular methodology from the tech world, and apply it to social good organizations? In this panel we’ll explore ways the social sector can use “Lean Startup” principles to help achieve their social mission. We’ll hear from leaders from nonprofits, social enterprises, and foundations, to learn about how they’re using Lean, and you’ll learn the keys to using these principles with your own team.


Who Are The Speakers?

We are excited to be hosting this panel with some awesome influencers in the social good space. Here is our lineup of kickass speakers:

So, if you are attending SOCAP13 and want to learn a little more about how Lean Startup practices can benefit your social enterprise, please drop by our panel and join in on the conversation!

Not going to SOCAP13? No problem. This is just the beginning of Lean Impact in the social good world and there will be many more events to come… But please wish our speakers luck in the Comments section below!


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