Lean Startup Labs Detroit Summit Speaker Spotlight: Amanda Lewan

In the weeks leading up to the Lean Startup Labs Detroit Summit, we’re highlighting some of the amazing people who will be speaking at theAmanda-400x380 event.

Amanda Lewan is an entrepreneur and award-winning writer. She is Co-founder for Bamboo Detroit, a co-working space for entrepreneurs and creatives. She also is the founder and editor of Michipreneur.com, a regional digital publication and online community focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. Amanda is inspired to build creative communities and tell stories that unite others.

We asked Amanda a few questions about what she’s learned, and what we can expect from her talk at the Lean Startup Labs Detroit Summit.

We’re excited to have you speak at the Lean Startup Summit in September. What will people learn from your talk?

How to just get started, learn from your mistakes and keep growing. Insight into Detroit’s entrepreneurial community.

Why is your story important to share to others in the Detroit region?

At Bamboo we really follow our own mantra that “Detroit is for Doers.” Taking a lean startup approach to our business model, we also found we could use what we call “lean marketing” tactics to build community and customers. I think we’re a prime example of just getting started, and strengthening your model and brand as you grow. I hope we inspire others to start companies leanly, and learn.

How has Lean Startup affected your business or the way you approach your work?

We started out just as an idea between four friends, opening our doors quickly and testing out the market in a small space. We had no budget or financing, and did what we call “lean marketing” to build community. Through events, social media, and grassroots community building we were able to test, refine, and expand our model now into a network of inclusive work spaces and community.

What is the greatest thing about working in Detroit?

The people. The community. The work ethic. The diversity. The opportunity.