Lean Startup Nights and Ambassador Program

About Lean Startup Nights


We believe entrepreneurs are in every corner of the globe. You’re on a small team of bootstrappers hustling hard to grow your startup or an intrapreneur working inside an enterprise. People everywhere are showcasing how Lean Startup is tackling the world’s biggest problems.



Our Ambassador Program brings together passionate Lean Startup evangelists and practitioners who volunteer to empower their own communities by sharing their knowledge and experiences. Ambassadors partner with us in hosting Lean Startup Nights, small events in the form of keynotes, panels, or fireside chats with in-person or virtual speakers. These events bring together Lean Startup veterans and new adopters alike, so they can exchange knowledge and work together to solve problems that impact the world around them.


Upcoming Lean Startup Nights

Lean Startup Night Singapore #2

Fast track your Digital transformation with DevOps Join us for an exhilarating 90’ session to Get a good understanding of how you can build your DevOps pipeline Deliver business results fast [despite the constraints of…

Lean Startup Night London

What impact are lean startups having on our mental health, and what can we change to perform at our best? The journey of starting up and scaling up can be a real rollercoaster ride. We…

LeanStartup Night Singapore #1

Designing Scalable Intrapreneurship Programs to Foster Innovation in your Organisation Join us for an exhilarating session to Get a good understanding of how you can adapt and refine the best Silicon Valley entrepreneurial techniques to…

Lean Startup Conference Cairo

After the smashing success of our first Cairo Lean Startup night; we have decided to kick it into gear with a hands-on Lean Startup Workshop. In this event, the Lean Startup Cairo Ambassador, Inji Amr…