Lean Startup Nights and Ambassador Program

About Lean Startup Nights


We believe entrepreneurs are in every corner of the globe. Whether it’s a small team of bootstrappers hustling hard to grow their startup or a group of intrapreneurs working inside an organization to make it more adaptive. People everywhere are showcasing the positive impact Lean Startup is making toward tackling the world’s biggest problems around the environment, society, and technology.



Our Ambassador Program brings together passionate Lean Startup evangelists and practitioners who volunteer to empower their own communities by sharing their knowledge and experiences. Ambassadors partner with us in hosting Lean Startup Nights, small events in the form of keynotes, panels, or fireside chats with in-person or virtual speakers. These events bring together Lean Startup veterans and new adopters alike, so they can exchange knowledge and work together to solve problems that impact the world around them.


Upcoming Lean Startup Nights

London photo - big ben and bridge over river

Lean Startup Night – London

Investors will dispel the myths about how they evaluate pitches, and how successful stories are constructed around evidence.