Lean UX for Growth

Growing users, or customers, no longer belongs to marketing. It’s now an emerging practice, and a skill set that everyone on a product team should understand.

Lean Startup advisor and speaker Laura Klein joins us to discuss how to design for product growth, and create a user experience that converts visitors into users. She’ll discuss three drivers of growth mentioned in The Lean Startup, and how they affect product and design strategies. Whether you’re a product manager, designer, engineer, or marketing executive, this webcast will help you understand where your users come from, how they find your products, and how to encourage more of them to visit.

The Skinny on Lean Publishing

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Name The Category, Own The Market

Christopher Lochhead values standing out over fitting in. He wants entrepreneurs to create markedly different products, not just better versions of old standbys. His #1 charting podcasts, “Follow Your Different”…
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