May Roundup: 7 Things We Know Will Inspire You

This week we’re bringing the gang overseas to help our UK counterparts with their bigLean Startup Summit London May 16-18. Tweet at us if you’re gonna be there too (and if you have tips on the best fish & chips in town).

Before we go, we’re gonna hit up Hustle Con this Friday to hear all-star(tup) founders share the specific tactics they used to launch and grow their companies.

And a quick reminder before we get into our monthly roundup of what’s good on the podcast, video, and quick reads front. That sweet spring sale on Lean Startup Weektickets expires May 31. We know you’ve scored your ticket, but let your friends and coworkers in on the deal!

What We’re Reading

Lean Startup Co.’s Heather McGough lists out the 5 Steps to Get From Concept to Product (Lean Startup Co.)

Embrace the “energy and ethos” of a startup regardless of your business status with5 Ways Every Company Can Embrace Startup Culture (Without Overdoing It)  (Fast Company)

What We’re Listening To

Eric Ries on Andreessen Horowitz’s a16z podcast talks about turning Lean Startup into a practical, adaptable strategy (a16z)

Reinventing through innovation with Celeste Henkelmann of Konica Minolta (Inside Outside Innovation podcast)

You’re Gonna Want to Watch This

Facebook programmer Kent Beck on “The Return of the Waterfall” and making smart decisions in the face of uncertainty (YouTube video)

If You Only Have 5 minutes, Check This Out:

Eric Ries and GE’s Beth Comstock catch up on how to be an agent of change in this short video (Facebook video)

If You’re Feeling Overloaded 

Remember that mindfulness can improve strategy, too. It’s one of many reasons it feels great to meditate. (Harvard Business Review)