New in 2020: Lean Startup Cohorts & More

As innovators, we are faced with the challenges of managing uncertainty, battling the status quo and trying to exact a vision on the world that feels like very few others can see. The resulting feeling can be one of loneliness and despair; giving the impression you are pushing a boulder up an endless hill without help.  

The stakes of these challenges have only been heightened in the current economic and public health climate. We have been thrust into one of the most unprecedented times of uncertainty for individuals, families, and businesses of all sizes. As the world is rapidly changing, so too are the needs of the community and Lean Startup Co. is committed to supporting you through these difficult and unpredictable times. 

In 2020 we’re shifting our strategy so that we can better support yours. This will be a year of experimentation — testing new and different learning modalities to keep the community engaged and connected.  As we seek to find some good in this environment of global uncertainty, we see also an opportunity for us to try new things. 

Your Needs Are Changing

Following the 2019 Lean Startup Conference, we conducted a series of 1:1 interviews with members of the global community. What we learned was transformative and it helped guide our decision about which experiments to run in 2020. Here’s what you shared:  

  1. You want to hear more from practitioners about their daily work.
  2. You want gatherings that feel more personal and at a scale where you feel connected to everyone.
  3. You want a way to build relationships with peers who are experiencing similar challenges, whether that is in corporate innovation, startups, non-profit organizations, etc.
  4. You want a way to stay connected and keep the momentum going all year long.
  5. You want your skill set to be professionally recognized and legitimized. 

We will consider creating online courses and certification programs as well as hosting smaller, more intimate Summits with hands-on workshops and coaching. In the short term, we’re focused on helping the community navigate the new challenges we’ll be faced with as the world hunkers down.  

Our First Experiment: Lean Startup Cohorts

We are excited to launch our latest community experiment: Lean Startup Cohorts. This is a unique opportunity for Lean Startup practitioners to learn and support each other through personalized peer-to-peer connection. 

Joining a cohort will provide you with the chance to:

  • Connect you with like-minded practitioners working to solve similar problems
  • Establish meaningful & lasting relationships that can help broaden your perspective and increase your knowledge
  • Create your own unique learning environment with access to expert coaching sessions, facilitated group discussions, online training and case study reviews
  • Maintain a steady dialogue and workflow with your peers to solve problems in real time
  • Get a head start toward receiving Lean Startup professional certifications

Anyone can apply. If you are interested in participating or learning more, sign up here.