Thanks to our AWESOME community of lean social do-gooders, our SOCAP OPEN panel won a spot at SOCAP13 in San Francisco in September!

But our ambitions to spread Lean Startup principles in the social good community doesn’t end there…

What’s our next target?

SXSW Interactive!

We have submitted a panel to SXSW’s PanelPicker, which allows the SXSW community to have a voice in choosing SXSW Interactive conference activities! Please help us by voting up our SXSW Interactive Panel by clicking the voting box found once you click this link below:


What If Lean Startup & Social Good Had a Baby?

(Note: If you aren’t already a SXSW member, please take 30 quick seconds to create an account in order to cast your vote!)

SXSW Interactive PanelPicker Voting

So what exactly in our SXSW Interactive Panel about?

In our panel, we aim to discuss ways social good organizations and nonprofits can use ‘Lean Startup’ principles to achieve their social mission. During this panel, we will have leaders in the social good space share how  they’re using Lean and attendees will learn the keys to using these principles with their own teams.

During this panel, here are some burning questions we will help answer for organizations looking to go lean:

  1. What is the Lean Startup (intro for social good organizations)?
  2. Who are some nonprofits and social enterprises who are totally nailing it using Lean principles?
  3. How can we adapt the fundraising cycle (foundations, donors, grants) to better suit Lean organizations?
  4. Ok, so small organizations can go Lean easily, but what about big organizations?
  5. How can you overcome resistance to using Lean in your organization?

Sound interesting? We thought so! So please, join the effort to bring lean startup into the social good world. Get out there and vote for the Lean Impact SXSW Panel now!

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