Andi Plantenberg

Andi Plantenberg is an innovation consultant who builds entrepreneurial capabilities in the enterprise. She’s also a long-time mentor for startups in the Bay Area (500 startups, IndieBio, Singularity University).

The larger companies Andi works with are fearing disruption. She helps them to behave more like startups— adopting principles and heuristics for user-centered design, rapid prototyping and entrepreneurial management.

The startups Andi works with are seeking product-market fit. She gives them the tools to know if their product and business strategies are working.

Prior, Andi co-founded Singlebound Creative in 2000. The Product Studio / Digital Agency had an eleven-year run and served Fortune 500 clients and visionary startups. In its later years, Singlebound partnered with VC firms to spin up new pilot ventures.

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