Marilyn Gorman

Marilyn Gorman is a highly experienced learning professional, facilitator and executive coach. Using Lean Startup and change-management practices, she has been able to deliver key cultural outcomes, helping business leaders around the world build credibility and confidence through challenging and application-rich training solutions focused on delivering business impact.

As the Global Program Leader for Executive Development at GE’s Crotonville Leadership center, Marilyn’s responsibilities included developing and launching enterprise-wide learning for Lean Startup/FastWorks, working with senior leaders to enable a company-wide culture change, helping to build a company-wide cohort of Lean Startup/FastWorks project coaches, and coaching GE’s largest internal Lean Startup project with 200,000+ customers.

By bringing an entrepreneurial mindset to everything she does, Marilyn’s approach is direct and solution-focused, helping program participants create actionable and sustainable outcomes. Through challenging and engaging dialogue and activities, she helps individuals and teams develop new skills, recognize habits and assumptions that are getting in the way, and build a realistic approach to change.