Testing Lean Startup in Education

Slow product cycles, massive bureaucracy, customers with conflicting interests–those are just a few of the challenges facing leaders in the education sector. And none of those conditions would seem to support Lean Startup principles. But sectors with the most entrenched systems often need innovation the most, and we’re impressed with the work Steven Hodas and Diane Tavenner have done to apply Lean Startup methods in New York and California schools, respectively. Join us for a webcast conversation about what’s worked and what hasn’t. Their conversation will be followed by live Q&A with the webcast attendees, so come with your questions in mind.

Knowing When To Say, “Next!”

Ralph Morales III is an intrapreneur. He began his career in finance and ended up in innovation, a rare trajectory. More specifically, he worked at HP during what he calls…
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A New Era of Work

Ready or not, workers around the world are now participating in the biggest work from home experiment of all time. Even before this month’s events, 70% of people globally work…
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