Lean Startup Conversations. Photo credit: The Lean Startup Conference/Jakub Moser & Erin Lubin
Lean Startup Conversations. Photo credit: The Lean Startup Conference/Jakub Moser & Erin Lubin

Last week, we announced our initial speakers  for the 2015 Lean Startup Conference. With featured speakers like Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt, Janice Semper of General Electric, and Dr. Alexander Osterwalder of Strategyzer, we look forward to helping our community of entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, and modern managers increase experimentation, alleviate uncertainty, and minimize risk in organizations large, small, new, and established.

What excited us most about our speaker lineup is that there’s more room to grow—much more. In the next five months leading up to the conference, we’ll be recruiting many more speakers, hosting bi-weekly webcasts, and writing weekly blog posts for our 130,000-person community of innovation leaders, Lean Startup practitioners, and entrepreneurs..

That’s where you come in.

We want to learn what you want to learn at the 2015 Conference. We want everything that we launch to be a product for you.

Share your thoughts about what you’d like to see at the 2015 Lean Startup Conference, on the blog, or on our webcasts by filling out this super short form.


This post was written by Ritika Puri, resident storyteller at The Lean Startup Conference.

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