Your Dream Job Awaits, Innovators (But Not For Long!)

Are you eager to take on that truly transformational role, the one you’ve been working toward your entire career?

Feeling restless that you’re not doing enough to impact organizations around the world?

Do you crave a work environment where you’re never solving the same problem twice, let alone working in the same city every month?

If this sounds like you, we need to talk. Now. Because we’re seeking a high-impact consultant hungry to help solve the world’s biggest problems

We’re Lean Startup Co., the company co-founded by bestselling author Eric Ries and Heather McGough in 2015 to redefine the traditional consulting model. We transform the way people think, work, and solve problems in the 21st century. Our work is rooted in the Lean Startup process, which revolutionized how companies innovate in a scientific, repeatable way. Our consultancy is synonymous with lasting innovation, and our methods have proven, long-term results with institutions, civil society, and corporations alike. Our client list includes a range of organizations impacting our health, homes, families, and future, including the Department of Defense, Cisco, Allstate, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, and IKEA, to name a few. 

We’re regularly contacted by a wide range of exciting, unusual, and surprising organizations. They choose us because they know we can help crack the defining challenges of our era. We love that we aren’t just changing management styles, we’re changing the products and services impacting people’s lives around the world. And yeah, that probably sounds a bit grand. But the work we’re doing is game-changing, stimulating, and, honestly, a lot of fun. 

Just a few examples of the impact we’ve had on various sectors around the world:

  • We helped the Department of Defense with a new program for recruiting, training, retaining, and growing entrepreneurial teams. What started as a coaching session became an internal education arm focused on modern approaches to problem solving. The formalized program is now dedicated to training and scaling Lean Startup within the agency. It has earned high praise from the agency and saved the Department of Defense millions of dollars.
  • A product development manager at a leading Australian insurance company took what he learned from our team to pivot away from developing a concept that he discovered wasn’t appealing to customers. Instead, he revamped a current offering using only 6 percent of his budget. The product went on to receive $1 million in funding and is on track to boost annual revenue by 10 percent—an increase of $15 to $20 million.
  • International Monetary Fund teams are accelerating their build-measure-learn feedback loops thanks to training from our experts. We’re helping the organization legitimately work smarter, faster, and more efficiently in its aim to foster sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty around the world. 

There’s never a dull moment with this team. One morning you could be jumping on a sales call with the head of innovation at a UK tech company, helping identify the organization’s pain points and opportunities for growth. A few hours later you’re onsite with top leaders at a government agency for an in-depth session on growth boards and new governance models. Then it’s time for a remote coaching session on experiment design with an enterprise product manager, before you catch a flight to San Francisco for our annual conference, where you’re a keynote speaker delivering the latest Lean Startup discoveries to an engaged global audience. 

Ready to help us usher in this new era of entrepreneurship? Great. Let’s talk about your sweet spot. 

We’d love to hear from you if you are based in the US and you have:

  • Deep knowledge of Lean Startup, the current innovation landscape, and the methods and tools involved
  • Expertise developing and teaching scalable curriculum
  • Experience driving change in a large organization, working directly with VP and C-suite leaders
  • Proficiency in governance and portfolio management consulting
  • Enthusiasm for working with fast-growing startups
  • The ability to travel extensively
  • Availability for virtual meetings and phone calls during Pacific Time business hours 

This role is mission critical, not only to our client’s success, but to ours as well.

We’re excited to meet you. APPLY NOW.

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