Adam Berk


Adam has more than twenty years of experience with Lean Startup. He enjoys working with teams from the earliest days, when they’re focused on simply getting all the issues and resources out on the table, then moving on to customer discovery designed to understand the problem to be solved. His goal is to help teams make strategic decisions based on real information, then motivate them to build real world tests to challenge their assumptions and bring clarity to the work to be done. 

Adam has also trained Lean Startup coaches in corporate environments and run workshops. He has served as a mentor in startup programs like Google’s AI for Social Good Accelerator, the World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator and He has also worked with Pearson, The Build Institute in Detroit, Bunker Labs, 150 Startups (Alberta), KauffmanLabs, TechPeaks, Bizdom, Numa Paris, StartupIstanbul, Startup Chile, TurkishWIN, FastForward Ramallah, AOL, ESPN, NewsCorp, AMEX, and several TechStars cohorts. 

Born in New York and a current Michigan resident, Adam is the co-author of Startup Program Design: A Practical Guide for Creating Accelerators and Incubators at Any Organization. He holds a BA in Economics from Emory University.