Unleash Innovation with Lean Startup Co. Workshops and Courses.

The building blocks to improving your organization’s success rate for developing innovative products and services.


From hours to weeks.


Onsite or Remote.

End Goal

Team-wide alignment on the Lean Startup methodology.

Avoid Wasting Time and Money Building Products your Customers Don’t Value

You know when it’s time to take a step forward and do things differently. A Lean Startup Co. workshop can be the catalyst your organization needs to jumpstart your innovation or product development teams.

We train your teams how to design and run experiments that systematically vet, shape, and de-risk new business opportunities.

Who needs a workshop?

At Lean Startup Co.  we’ve spent thousands of hours with innovation and product development executives and teams teaching the skills necessary to get there, wherever “there” is for them. No matter what industry you’re in, we craft a custom workshop to achieve your goals.

Executives Who Want to
See Results

Create workshops that help with challenges such as measuring team progress, driving a more innovative culture, how to design an innovation strategy, and more by using The Lean Startup.

Innovation or Product Teams Who Need to Move Forward

Create workshops for your team that teach build-measure-learn loops, experimentation, innovation accounting, and more by using The Lean Startup.

Transform your approach to Innovation with Lean Startup Co. Workshops & Courses.

You don’t have to settle for hit-or-miss innovation. 
Lean Startup Co. workshops are your springboard to a more agile, effective approach to transforming ideas into validated growth opportunities.

What to expect from Lean Startup Co. Workshops

Tailored Content

Based on your team’s current knowledge and needs, each training and course is meticulously designed to provide maximum relevance and resonance. No two training experiences are the same.

Experiential Learning

Beyond theoretical knowledge, participants actively engage in hands-on activities and real-world scenarios, ensuring a deeper understanding and practical application of Lean Startup principles.

Expert Guidance

Sessions are led by seasoned Lean Startup consultants, with select courses taught directly by Eric Ries. Gain insights and wisdom straight from the source.

Collaborative Atmosphere

Lean Startup Trainings are not just about individual learning. Our workshops and courses foster team collaboration, discussions, and brainstorming, ensuring that ideas are not just generated but are refined through collective wisdom.

Clear Action Points

Post-training, teams will have clear strategies, insights, and next steps to implement, ensuring the journey doesn’t end when the session does.

Feedback Loops

Teams will practice setting up quick feedback loops, essential for the iterative nature of the Lean Startup methodology. This ensures products or solutions are continually improved upon.

Key Benefits of Lean Startup Co. Workshops 

Schedule a Discovery call to see how a Lean Startup Co. workshop can be tailored for your organization.

All training can be done onsite as well via Zoom/Teams.

Meet You Where You Are

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into Lean Startup or seeking advanced mastery, our workshops are crafted to resonate with your team’s current knowledge, refining the language and approach for your unique needs.

Grounded Learning

Teams not only learn but actively apply Lean Startup principles to current projects, offering immediate demonstrations of its power.

Strategic Clarity

Gauge if it’s the right time for your organization to roll out pilots, scale, or determine the essentials for progress.

Team Alignment

Ensure everyone is synchronized in understanding and utilizing Lean Startup to revolutionize your innovation approach.

Break Free from Legacy Ways of Working.

Unleash Accelerated Growth and Innovation.

Is Lean Startup Right for Your Team?

Recognize any of these concerns?

  • Looking for team buy-in on the Lean Startup methodology?
  • Seeking a faster path to implementing Lean Startup?
  • Wary of common mistakes and pitfalls?
  • Frustrated by your team’s pace of innovation?
  • Aiming to cultivate a culture of continuous learning and improvement?
  • Determined to foster an entrepreneurial, empowered workplace?

Companies We’ve Trained with Lean Startup Workshops & Courses

Who is this for ….


Executives keen on fostering a culture of innovation.

Product Managers

Product managers navigating the uncertain terrain of new product development.


Teams in Innovation, Product Development, R&D, and Design responsible for innovation and product development.

Who You’ll Work With

Jonathan Bertfield
Senior Director

Jonathan has deep experience in building innovation systems within large corporations. He works with organizations that are well-established and looking to make the leap to an even more successful future.

Hisham Ibrahim

Hisham’s passion is working with companies that make a positive impact on people’s lives by helping them discover true customer problems and how to solve them.

Marilyn Gorman

Marilyn has worked with organizations around the world to build internal capabilities and systems for accelerating growth.

The Lean Startup Online Course, with Eric Ries

A masterclass for product, innovation, and technology professionals

Learn how to:

  • Apply Lean Startup, based on real-world examples from Eric’s coaching practice
  • Create and execute a plan to validate an idea through Build-Measure-Learn
  • Avoid wasting time and money building products that fail
  • Test new ideas before going all in
  • Innovate with confidence and build products customers love


  • Short videos and audio recordings presented by Eric Ries
  • Self-paced material: 15-20 minutes per day for 6 weeks, or binge in 10 hours
  • A Certificate of Completion, available upon request

I’m Interested. What’s the Next Step?

We initiate our collaboration with a discovery call. This conversation centers around understanding your organization’s innovation aspirations.

Additional Services to Level Up Your Organization’s Innovation Edge.

Pilot Program

A 10-week program to apply, test, and learn on real-world projects, setting the foundation for scaling Lean Startup effectively.

  • Experience tangible project outcomes
  • Build your team’s Lean Startup skills for future work
  • Make rapid, evidence-based product development decisions.
  • Rescue a stalled deployment.

Full Implementation

Scale Lean Startup across your organization, moving beyond initial pilots.

  • Build a robust innovation pipeline
  • Launch and build products customers love
  • Accelerated innovation and growth
  • Make innovation a competitive advantage