Put The Lean Startup to work at your own pace

Lean Startup Co. can help you apply the Lean Startup methodology, enabling a cohort of  product development teams to make Pivot Persevere Kill decisions based on market evidence.


A 10-week program.


Onsite, remote, or a blend of both.

End Goal

Establish a powerful case study showing how Lean Startup can work in your organization.

Apply the test and learn approach to your product development process

Before investing a lot of time and resources into a new development project, many product and innovation leaders take advantage of the Lean Startup Co. pilot program.

Our experienced delivery team guides product and innovation leaders to apply The Lean Startup methodology to a small cohort of their development projects  at their own pace.

Lean Startup Co.
Pilot Program

Leverage the deep expertise of Lean Startup Co. who will guide the teams working on your key development projects as they work through the pilot program over a 10-week period.


We start by identifying the right initiatives and teams to ensure alignment and focus. This crucial phase ensures that selected projects resonate with your strategy and vision.


A deep dive into the Lean Startup methodology ensures every team member is equipped with the knowledge and tools to make the most out of the pilot. This foundational phase sets the stage for informed action.

Learning Sprint

Over a dedicated 10-week period, teams immerse themselves in understanding the customer problem, potential solutions & business models. We regularly coach teams to systematically de-risk projects by running experiments using rapid Build-Measure-Learn Cycles.

Decision Event

Picture a collaborative gathering where leaders evaluate, assess, and react to the learning from the sprint. This isn’t a “shark tank”; it’s a nurturing space for informed decisions. Here, we decide the future trajectory of the initiatives based on real insights.


Post-pilot, we sit down for a retrospective journey, analyzing what went well, what didn’t, and identifying key takeaways for future projects. This phase is crucial for continuous improvement of your lean startup implementation.

Make pivot-persevere-kill decisions with confidence based on market evidence

Who is this for ….


Executives keen on fostering a culture of innovation.

Product Managers

Product managers navigating the uncertain terrain of new product development


Teams in Innovation, Product Development, R&D, and Design responsible for innovation and product development.

Who You’ll Work With

Ben Hafele
Managing Director

Ben is the Managing Director of Lean Startup Co. His focus is on bringing the latest Lean Startup practices to organizations looking for a sustainable way to manage the pressure to grow.

Marissa Hohman
Senior Associate

Marissa began her entrepreneurial journey as an undergraduate at the University of Delaware, where she participated in the university’s Venture-On program, designing MVPs for multiple entrepreneurial projects.

Adam Berk

Adam has more than twenty years of experience with Lean Startup. He enjoys working with teams from the earliest days through customer discovery and on to building real world tests to challenge assumptions and bring clarity to the work to be done.

I’m Interested. What’s the Next Step?

We initiate our collaboration with a discovery call. This conversation centers around understanding your organization’s innovation aspirations. Once we are aligned we can then tailor a pilot program solution that best meets your needs.

Additional Services to Level Up Your Organization’s Innovation Edge.


Workshops and courses that align with your team’s familiarity with the Lean Startup methodology and the gaps you need to fill.

  • Tailored hands on workshops for your teams
  • Online courses that build foundational knowlegde of core principles
  • Build fluency with the key tools such as assumption mapping and experiment design
  • Establish a common understanding and alignment on the Lean Startup methodology

Full Implementation

Scale Lean Startup across your organization, moving beyond initial pilots.

  • Build a robust innovation pipeline of products customers love
  • Establish a consistent framework aligned to your organizational realities
  • Accelerate innovation and growth
  • Make innovation a competitive advantage