The world is changing fast. Learn to work in new ways.

Are you part of a large organization looking to move faster and reduce risk? We can help.

“In today’s marketplace of uncertainty whoever learns fastest wins” 

Eric Ries, Co-Founder

Since 1955, 88% of Fortune 500 Companies have disappeared. In a world changing at unprecedented rates, large organizations must start working in new ways in order to remain relevant.

The Lean Startup Company provides customized training, coaching and consulting services that help organizations like yours generate clear outcomes, demonstrate real impact and measure results through a new way of working.


Think big. Start small. Move fast.

From senior leaders to project teams (and anywhere in between), organizations just like yours have been supported by our team of faculty who travel worldwide and are the best Lean Startup facilitators around.

Teams will learn how to:

  • Become more agile, nimble and move faster
  • Establish and use a common language and framework for innovation
  • Work through the five principles of The Lean Startup methodology on actual projects
  • Explore new products and services without losing your existing customers
  • Reduce risk and uncertainty
  • Effectively communicate with key stakeholders the metrics, learnings, and outcomes from applying The Lean Startup methodology

Leaders will learn:

  • How to unlock new sources of revenue and growth
  • The key elements of The Lean Startup and how it complements existing methods used in your organization, such as agile, design thinking, agile, stage-gate, etc.
  • How The Lean Startup can apply to other areas and functions of an organization – not just new product development
  • Key successes and challenges other organizations like yours face
  • How to empower your most creative people to think more like entrepreneurs and maximize existing talent
  • The critical roles, responsibilities and behaviors needed both at the team and leadership levels to thrive in a Lean Startup environment
  • How to ask the right questions
  • How to hold teams and leadership teams accountable for results in this new way of working, including success metrics and KPIs
  • How to scale and create continuous innovation across deep systems such as engineering, HR, legal, supply chain, finance, IT, procurement, marketing, and more

“By 2021, more than 50% of established corporations will be leveraging Lean Startup techniques at the business level to increase the pace and success of business transformation.” 


Our clients are saying

For anyone starting the innovation journey within the enterprise, I would recommend working with Lean Startup Co. because they have actual practitioners — folks who have done it before, who have tested many different methods of Lean Startup and been able to implement it.

Lean Startup Co. focuses on the principles and behaviors unlike other folks that might get too caught up on using specific tools, I have found that Lean Startup Co. coaches are versed in all those different tools, but they stick to the principles of Lean Startup.

Erwin Godoy

Erwin Godoy

Former Special Advisor for Innovation, Department of Defense

Our team is absolutely thrilled about the workshops you ran for us during our leadership summit!  The buzz about the Lean Startup approach has been nonstop, and leaders across the organization have been discussing ways to apply the concepts as soon as possible.

We will not succeed in our new strategy without sufficiently adopting Lean Startup in the coming months/years. Thanks so much for starting us down the path with an exceptional workshop tailored specifically for our team.  The extra effort you put forth to customize the sessions for us made a tremendous difference.

Thanks again for leading us through such a top-notch event.

Frank Monestere

Frank Monestere

President & COO, LegalZoom

I work as an Innovation Enablement Manager at IKEA business solutions, which is part of the retail organization managing 90% of all the IKEA stores in the world.

As the world around us is moving faster, we felt that we are not competitive enough in many areas. I have seen a tendency in large organizations to feel like they have to get it perfect. So then you put a lot of planning into project execution, potentially wasting valuable time and resources before you know if it will be successful. Many people are solution oriented or problem orientated. You need to start with “why” are you doing it.

We needed guidance to help us challenge our thinking. Many people in the organization came to us, wanting to move faster and be more innovative, but didn’t know how to get there.

We reached out to the Lean Startup Company in May of 2016, to introduce Lean Startup concepts at our yearly meeting with all of the managers in IKEA Business Solutions. That sparked something in the organization. So we picked out 20 people to do a follow-on workshop in October, 2016. We see this as a pilot to see how Lean Startup methodology would work within IKEA. We see it as a Lean Startup experiment to help us get traction in a different way of thinking.

The perception among the workshop participants is they can immediately start going faster, by getting to the “why” much early in the innovation process. Rather than wasting time by immediately focusing on the execution of a project, including forms, requirements, and internal investments, they are excited about starting with the “why”. There is already great traction and a willingness to work differently.

Christian Appelt

Christian Appelt

Innovation Enablement Manager at IKEA

We hired Lean Startup Co. to facilitate several trainings on behalf of our enterprise company beginning in 2014. The first engagement was a one-day introductory workshop for our executives and cross functional teams. We received so much positive feedback from this initial training that we brought Lean Startup Co. back to for a two-day workshop in 2015 and then engaged in three months of ongoing coaching to support our teams as they moved forward.

I highly recommend Lean Startup training and coaching to any organization who wants to bring products and services to market faster. What’s more is now our company shares a Lean Startup mindset and understanding of design-thinking principles, and this education has set a solid foundation to drive towards product excellence. This partnership has exceeded my goals and expectations. For example, we started a new team using the Lean Startup framework. In a few short months, this first team has been able to improve their business model validation testing from weeks to a couple days. It’s amazing to witness how far all our teams have come, how the language in the building has changed and how now we’re running experiments to find a viable business for our company. We’ve taken great strides from where we were a year ago, and I have no doubt this momentum will continue.

Thank you Lean Startup Co. for getting us here — we couldn’t have done it without you!

Beth Sordi

Beth Sordi

Director - Productor Management, BabyCenter

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“We empower you to use the Lean Startup mindset and mechanics to systematically vet, shape and de-risk new business ideas. Our goal is for you and your organization to become self-sufficient.” 

Ben Hafele

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