Get Lean. Move Fast. Launch with Confidence.

Apply The Lean Startup to your innovation projects so you can quickly make pivot-persevere-kill decisions based on market evidence. Join over 80 corporate teams that have already used our Corporate Innovation Accelerator to deliver successful outcomes.

Embrace Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Established processes and mindset inside large organizations are a poor fit for successful innovation. Roles and responsibilities are unclear and it’s hard to know where to start. In a world changing at unprecedented rates, organizations must learn to tap into their teams’ entrepreneurial potential if they want to survive.

Our experienced team can help you get started faster, make progress faster, all while minimizing financial risk.

Lean Startup Co.
Corporate Innovation Accelerator

Over a 10-week period, we train and coach your teams to apply The Lean Startup to one or more of your innovation projects. Our experts have extensive corporate experience. They will guide your teams to avoid pitfalls and share shortcuts that lead to successful outcomes.

Your Goals

We spend time learning how your company already works, how this new project fits into your company goals, and what we will measure for success.

Select Innovation

We work with you to determine the best projects to run through the Corporate Innovation Accelerator. Then we guide your project teams to clarify vision, scope, team roles, & timelines.

Learn and Apply
the Lean Startup

We show executives and project teams how to systematically vet, shape, and de-risk projects using The Lean Startup.


After 10 weeks of running build-measure-learn loops, project teams meet with executives to make pivot-persevere-kill decisions based on validated learning.

Experience the power of
The Lean Startup first-hand

  • Work with coaches who have deep corporate innovation implementation experience
  •  Leverage a holistic approach that meets your teams and company where they are. Our approach is not a one size fits all approach or toolset.
  • Cap your initial investment costs and stay in scope
  • Accelerate progress and get results fast

Build your team’s
innovation muscle

  • Enable leaders and teams to quickly assess and vet new product or service offerings through market validation
  • Apply an effective framework for dealing with uncertainty that is adaptable and scalable within your organization
  • Give your team the capacity and confidence to effectively manage the uncertainty inherent in any new innovation

Make progress on
real projects

  • Align leadership and teams around a problem or challenge that focuses on evidence, milestones, and timelines
  • Turn water cooler talk and napkin sketches into reality

Accelerate progress and make pivot-persevere-kill decisions based on market evidence

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In today’s marketplace of uncertainty
whoever learns fastest wins.”

—Eric Ries, Founder of Lean Startup Co.

Innovating in established companies takes guts

Over 80 corporate teams have already used our Corporate Innovation Accelerator to deliver successful outcomes. Let us show you how it can work for you.