Meet the Team

Ben Hafele

CEO & Managing Director

Ben is the Managing Director of Lean Startup Co. Like many members of the organization, he has lived and worked around the globe including in Guinea, West Africa, with the Peace Corps, in West Africa, and as an analyst and consultant in China, and as a consultant in the United Kingdom. Ben’s focus is bringing the latest Lean Startup practices to organizations looking for a sustainable way to manage the pressure to grow. His relationships with both current customers and prospects are based on high energy, humor, and impactful interaction that ensures leaders and teams achieve the change they want. Each one gives him a chance to practice what Lean Startup preaches—learn, vet and derisk ideas with real customer input.

Prior to joining Lean Startup Co., Ben built the lean innovation program at Caterpillar. He has worked with over 400 startup, innovation, and product development teams spanning five continents. He holds a BS in Statistics and Mathematics from the University of Illinois and a Master’s degree in Economics from the London School of Economics.