An Introduction to Lean Impact

Lean Startup ideas are being applied more and more often in non-profits, B-corps and other mission-driven organizations. As the ideas have spread in this world, they’ve come to be known as Lean Impact, and best practices are emerging.

We’ll look at how mission-driven organizations can apply Lean Startup to more effectively meet their goals. In describing the key ideas, we’ll show real-world examples and tackle the tough question of working with funders and other stakeholders when your organization changes the way it measures progress. You’ll come away with a sense of why and how to use Lean Startup techniques for social good.

Develop Your Superpower

Written by Jordan Rosenfeld, Contributor for Lean Startup Co. At our Lean Startup Conference this past November, Bennett Blank, Innovation and Transformational Change Leader at Intuit, discussed how companies can…
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