Going The Distance; We’re All in This Together

Photo credit: Anthony Quintano

Lean Startup Co. was started to ensure that anyone, anywhere, would have access to the methodology, no matter your budget, location, or industry. We’re shooting for the moon, helping everyone who needs us develop the modern management and rapid product development skills necessary to survive not just for today, but for all the curve balls tomorrow’s gonna throw your way.

We also practice what we preach. We hear you saying that you want affordable, in-person training, access to more case studies, and virtual education. You want to learn specific practices that will immediately impact your work. Our team is going out into the world and building great stuff based on these needs through our Lean Startup Labs. We’re committed to testing new ways to directly support you.

The Summit Series is a perfect example of Lean Startup Labs at work. It’s Lean Startup on the road, aimed at helping you resolve some of your biggest business challenges alongside your community and peers. At a Summit event, you’ll hear short, powerful talks on relevant business issues, interact with a community of local innovators, and emerge with the insight you need to create profound change in your workplace. It’s an intimate experience, only 200 or so attend; giving you unique access to some of the smartest minds and most effective solutions around.

The Summit Series kicks off in New York City Feb. 24-25 focusing on the needs of enterprise and corporate organizations. We’re homing in on the challenges that large organizations face when trying to implement a new method like Lean Startup building the right culture, getting buy-in, how to create an MVP, innovation accounting, regulatory issues and customer development (when you already have customers), and more.

From there, the Summit Series moves to New Orleans to host thought leaders in startup, education, and social good sectors. Then we’ll head to Detroit to take a close look at the folks driving growth and innovation in the Motor City’s burgeoning startup scene.

When we say we’ll meet you where you are, we mean it. The Summit Series is also a tiered event. In other words, we’ll provide scholarships and realistic pricing for you bootstrappers out there.

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