Here’s What You’ll Learn at Our Enterprise-Focused New York Conference

If you’re excited about meeting like-minded intrapreneurs and getting advice from innovation experts, you’ll want to get in on the Lean Startup Conference New York, May 10–11 at New Lab in Brooklyn. Your chance to get a steep discount of up to $300 ends on Sunday, April 30 at midnight PT.

We know the conference pass is a big investment, so only attend if you’re serious about solving your business challenges using the Lean Startup methodology and applying those lessons back to your org right away. In this email, we’ll break down exactly who you’ll learn from over those two days at New Lab.

On day 1 of the conference, you’ll get interactive workshops where you’ll learn about:

  • Connecting Lean Startup strategy to execution to avoid siloed efforts that fail to shift the organizational culture with Lean Startup Co. senior faculty member Jonathan Bertfield
  • The importance of creating islands of freedom with Lean Startup Co. senior faculty member Marilyn Gorman
  • Planning, tracking, and running experiments & framing teams’ work around innovation with Sense & Respond authors Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden
  • Exploring the key components of and strategies behind robust customer discovery with The Startup Owner’s Manual author Bob Dorf

On day 2 of the conference, expect to hear a full day of keynote talks, fireside chats, and breakout sessions focused on:

The innovation strategies of top New York institutions, including:

  • NYC Associate Commissioner–IT Project Services Executive and Human-Centered Design Leader Dominic Berg (opening keynote & interview with NY1’s Josh Robin)
  • UNICEF’s Office of Innovation lead of ventures Chris Fabian
  • The New York Times senior editor Tyson Evans
  • Etsy senior managers Emily Smith & Rachana Kumar

Putting Lean into practice in large companies, featuring organizational strategies that support sustained intrepreneurship:

  • How Microsoft is making the change from traditional to Lean with Cindy Alvarez
  • Four key challenges & four pillars of innovation when putting Lean to work in a large-scale enterprise with Bob Dorf
  • Disrupting the Disruptors: Citi FinTech’s Carey Kolaja in conversation with Bionic CEO David Kidder
  • Five OD practices to unleash the creative potential of any team with August’s Mark Raheja
  • Unlocking your company’s innovation capital with Launchpad Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Jim Hornthal

Putting Lean Design into action:

  • How Lean design systems allow teams to move fast and scale design with Autodesk’s Director of Experience Design Amy Neuman, GE Digital Design Director Ken Skistimas, and Carbon Five’s Courtney Hemphill
  • Lean concepts that helped the design transformation at Nordstrom with Jyoti Shukla

See the full NY program details here

Liked everything you read and can’t wait to join? Get your ticket now before prices go up April 30th.

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