Want to be a Lean Startup Leader? Here’s How.

We’ve never been interested in leaving you to digest a bunch of new information alone. It’s much more fun to hook you up with our active Lean Startup community, where you can regularly swap perspectives, share new ideas, and connect with other big thinkers.

But here’s the thing, we don’t just want you to get involved. We’d also love to help you become a Lean Startup leader in your community. You can start by gathering a group of like-minded entrepreneurs to watch one of our monthly webcasts, by hosting a livestream meetup during this year’s conference, or by getting in touch with us to speak at an upcoming Lean Startup Night. If any of that sounds interesting to you, fill out this quick form so we can help you get started.

To make sure you don’t miss the chance to grow that all-important innovators network, here’s a checklist of free Lean Startup Co. community activities we suggest you take part in—or better yet, lead in your own community.


Mingle IRL at Lean Startup Night (monthly)

Our first San Francisco meetup (featuring Hugh Molotsi, our resident MVP genius) sold out immediately, so we’d call this MVP a success. Each Lean Startup Night is built around an expert and a popular theme, and those who swing by get their personal questions answered, among other perks. If you couldn’t get into the Hugh edition, check out the Periscope clip from that night hereDetails for July’s Lean Startup Night coming soon. (And in September, Lean Startup Night moves to New York for the month.)


Catch our expert webcasts with your team (monthly)

Think of Lean Startup webcasts as hour-long strikes of inspiration—and the perfect opportunity to infuse your team with fresh insights and get real-time help from industry pros. Our next webcast, co-presented by Humana, features Eric Ries, who’ll discuss Lean Startup in the health and wellness industry with Geeta Wilson, director of Consumer Experience Humana, on Friday, July 22, at 10am PT/1pm ET.  Browse our library of past webcasts to sharpen your game with tips from Ash Maurya (Scaling Lean), Justin Wilcox (product-market fit), and Matt Brimer (turning an experiment into a lifestyle brand), among others.


Plug into your local entrepreneur scene during the Lean Startup Week livestream (annually)

We’d love for all of you to join us in San Francisco Oct. 31- Nov. 6 for Lean Startup Week, but we understand that a trip to the Bay Area isn’t feasible for everyone. That’s why we support our thousands of virtual attendees livestreaming from over 100 cities around the globe.

The Lean Startup Week livestream concept is simple. If you can gather a public group of five or more outside of the Bay Area, we’ll give you access to a private livestream page to watch select keynotes and breakout talks live on Nov. 2 & 3.

This is much bigger than screening a bunch of great presentations. It’s a chance to form breakout groups of your own with like-minded folks, to have real-time conversations about the issues being discussed at Lean Startup Week, and—who knows—maybe even meet your next co-founder.

All the details on becoming a livestream host here.


Cure That FOMO Once and For All

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