Navigating Through the Squiggles

A 20-minute primer on how Lean Startup can help your teams innovate with confidence AND build products customers love.

By Jonathan Bertfield & Ben Hafele



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Innovate with Confidence

The journey taken by an individual or a team shepherding a new project from early idea to revenue rarely progresses in a straight line. Even when teams move forward and sense progress, they often run into dead ends and are forced to reverse course. We call this messy, challenging, yet rewarding journey “navigating through the squiggles”.

This eBook was written to help leaders and product teams understand the core principles and foundational practices of The Lean Startup methodology. This quick 20-minute read will help practitioners understand why that journey is known as the squiggles, how they can use the structure and methods of Lean Startup to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable, and as a result, innovate with confidence and build products customers love.

What you get:

  • A review of the foundational elements of the Lean Startup methodology
  • Case studies and targeted action steps to help leaders and teams get started
  • A breakdown of the Build-Measure-Learn loops at the heart of the Lean Startup system
  • An overview of the role strategy and customer definition play in driving progress
  • A discussion about how to drive cultural change by leveraging a constructive definition of failure

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