Netflix and Lean Startup Experimentation

This is post five in our 13-part Lean Startup Co. Education Program series. A curated collection of pieces designed to cover topics ranging from cross-functional teams, to embracing failure, complete with real-world stories from our diverse roster of clients and insights from our Lean Startup Co. Labs Faculty.

In this webcast Jim Cook, current CFO of Mozilla, discusses his instrumental experience in running many of the early Netflix experiments. There were challenges every day and data collection was rigorous. He will be interviewed by Lean Startup Co. Corporate Education Program faculty member, Hugh Molotsi.

Today we also covered, What We Can Learn From How Netflix Mastered 24-Hour Disc Shipping. Netflix began as a shoestring startup bolstered by a group of passionate entrepreneurs with a crazy idea, and persistent Lean Startup experimentation ensured the company didn’t fail.

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