Is your organization paralyzed by Innovation Dysfunction?

You need an innovation framework based on proven principles, repeatable processes, and an experimental mindset that encourages the entrepreneurial capabilities of your team.

Symptoms of Innovation Dysfunction may include:

  • Your product team is frustrated and burned out
  • It’s normal to waste time and money building products customers don’t want
  • Innovation roles and responsibilities are unclear among teams and executive leaders
  • Panic and second-guessing increases as you approach product launch dates
  • Development timelines are repeatedly extended, delaying new product launches
  • You deliver small feature updates because it’s all you can do
  • Too much of your resources are invested up-front into projects that have not been properly vetted yet

“Leadership requires creating conditions that enable employees to do the kinds of experimentation that entrepreneurship requires.”

—Eric Ries, Founder of Lean Startup Co.

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The way forward isn’t always clear

When organizations are working on new ideas, it isn’t always obvious if the project should go forward or not. You need a repeatable system that tells you what to test, how to identify blockers, and how to make pivot-persevere-kill decisions quickly based on validated evidence.

The Lean Startup is the proven foundation you can build your organization’s identity and core values around to ensure decisive outcomes consistently.

The Books That Started It All

The founder of Lean Startup Co, Eric Ries has written extensively about what makes startups and established companies alike succeed or fail.

They all must learn to rely on validated learning, rapid scientific experimentation, as well as a number of counter-intuitive practices that shorten product development cycles so they can build products their customers want.

The Lean Startup and The Startup Way offer a framework to test your vision, adapt, and adjust before the competition leave you behind.

Design Your Own Innovation or Product Development Framework by The Lean Startup

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