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Lean Impact adapts the best practices from The Lean Startup to a new purpose – radically greater social good. The same principles of being customer-focused, building minimum viable products, and driving fast iteration through build-measure-learn feedback cycles apply, but innovation in the social sector is harder and involves some unique challenges.

Drawing on her experience across Silicon Valley, government, and nonprofits, Ann Mei Chang presents practical tools and strategies, vividly illustrated with insights from the real stories of nonprofits, social enterprises, companies, government agencies, foundations, and philanthropists around the world. Lean Impact will be an essential guidebook for anyone who seeks to maximize social impact and scale.

Lean Impact

Watch the launch at the 2018 Lean Startup Conference with Ann Mei Chang and Eric Ries

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Donating to Maximize Impact

Learning to apply the principles of Lean Impact Investing has been a journey, with humble beginnings at my local church. I consider tithing 10% of my income to my local church to be the absolute…

Designing & Testing the Common App

Using user-centered design to get more families into social service programs faster. Problem Once an individual finds a resource that can help them meet a basic need, we often see that the application and enrollment…

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