Ready or not, workers around the world are now participating in the biggest work from home experiment of all time. Even before this month’s events, 70% of people globally work from home at least one day a week, and technology has progressed enough to make video meetings a viable option for most workers. How will this change the nature of work in the future? How has it already? For answers, we talked to Brianne Kimmel, a veteran in the industry and founder of the work-focused fund Work Life Ventures about these topics and many more in the latest episode of the Lean Startup Podcast.

Brianne said that with more companies shifting to a Bring Your Own Technology policy (encompassing not just someone’s devices but their SaaS subscriptions as well), remote work is becoming easier to implement and more desirable to employees. She gives the example of the city of Tulsa, where a highly remote workforce has revitalized not just companies, but entire communities. She argues that, in the end, remote work is apt to be more inclusive and more human. 

If that wasn’t enough, host Chris Guest also talked to Brianne about:

  • How remote work can reinvent neighborhoods
  • The state and future of the no code trend
  • How we are in the middle of a reinvention of the entire tech stack
  • Why you need a design founder
  • Why companies have been drifting from the Lean Startup methods (and how to get them back on course)

You can find Brianne on Twitter @briannekimmel and at You can find Chris Guest on Twitter @guesto and all of Lean Startup’s blogs, podcasts, and content at

Thanks to David Kallison for contributing this piece. If you seek to bring the entrepreneurial spirit to your organization, Lean Startup Co. can help.



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