Jonathan Bertfield

Senior Director

Jonathan has deep experience in building innovation systems within large corporations. He works with organizations that are well-established in their field and looking to make the leap to an even more successful future. His philosophy is rooted in applying the basic principles of Lean Startup within each organization’s individual context and culture in order to achieve the best possible outcome. 

He has held roles at Pearson, where he helped build the company’s innovation practice, as well as Sesame Workshop, where he helped build the education business including product development, management, and strategy. He has advised a wide range of companies, including BT (British Telecom), Mastercard, Citibank, Marriott, Microsoft, Cargill, Legal Zoom, Disney, Vanguard, and USAA. He has also worked with the security agencies at the US Dept of Defense, the US Dept of Health & Human Services, the US Air Force and the UK Ministry of Defense. At the start of his career, Jonathan was a founder or early employee at a number of educational technology startups, including Readia where he was part of the team that raised venture funding from Kleiner Perkins. 

Born in Manchester, England, Jonathan has lived around the globe including in Israel, San Francisco, and Brooklyn, New York, giving him a unique ability to partner with many kinds of clients. Currently living in Athens, Greece, he holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom. He recently received his scuba diving certificate, is fluent in Hebrew, and is learning  Greek.