Put The Power Of Lean AI To Work At Your Company

Generate more AI wins with far less wasted time and investment using our pioneering Lean AI approach.


Lean AI Training Workshops

Applied workshops for leaders and teams.

  • Tailored workshops applied to your AI use cases
  • Align around a common way of working that your organization can apply to future projects
  • Build fluency with key tools in breakout sessions
  • Review case studies and get questions answered

Lean AI Pilot Program

Pilot the approach with a cohort of 2-6 teams over 10 weeks.

  • Experience tangible project outcomes
  • Build your team’s Lean AI skills for future work
  • Make rapid, evidence-based AI product and workflow development decisions
  • Rescue stalled AI projects

Full Lean AI Implementation

Make Lean AI the way you do business.

  • Build a robust innovation funnel of AI use cases
  • Establish a consistent framework aligned to your organizational realities
  • Accelerate AI adoption with far less wasted time and investment
  • Gain competitive advantage

Lean AI Engagement Roadmap

We follow a simple Three Step Process in every Lean AI engagement to ensure that you and your team are fully supported, and most of all that you generate more AI wins, more quickly with far less wasted time and capital investment. The ‘Lean AI’ three steps to success are…

Step 1:

  • Review your organization’s existing framework documentation and case studies
  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Working sessions with your team to draw out details and cite examples

Step 2:

  • Review best practices shared by Lean Startup Co. based on relevant case studies
  • Develop a customized Lean AI framework in close collaboration with your team
  • Create tailored training materials for your organization’s leaders and teams

Step 3:

  • Roll out your Lean AI framework to a cohort of teams
  • Training and coaching for teams, leaders, and key stakeholders
  • Train-the-trainer and coach-the-coach options available

Who Is Lean AI For? 

Chief AI Officers

AI Product Managers

AI Teams

Who You’ll Work With

Jonathan Bertfield
Senior Director

Jonathan has deep experience in building innovation systems within large corporations. He works with organizations that are well-established and looking to make the leap to an even more successful future.

Hisham Ibrahim

Hisham’s passion is working with companies that make a positive impact on people’s lives by helping them discover true customer problems and how to solve them.

Marilyn Gorman

Marilyn has worked with organizations around the world to build internal capabilities and systems for accelerating growth.

Great concepts are meaningless without a successful implementation.

Reduce your risk.

  • Eliminate ineffective approaches to implementing Lean Startup.
  • Gain your competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Increase success rate of new development

Start winning.

  • Accelerate innovation and growth
  • Make rapid, evidence-based product development decisions
  • Learn what works faster, and discard what doesn’t from stakeholders

Prove the value of
your decision.

  • Reach success faster in implementing Lean Startup.
  • A successful deployment.
  • Work directly with Lean Startup author Eric Ries’ own team.

Is Lean AI Your Missing Puzzle Piece? 

Here Are The Next Steps…

1. Schedule a complimentary Lean AI strategy call with our CEO below.

2. On the call, we’ll dive deep to understand your organization’s vision, mission, challenges, team, goals, and timeframes.

3. Post meeting; we’ll craft a 100% custom Lean AI plan and roadmap to get you from where you are today to where you want to be more quickly, and with less waste and more wins.