What is MVP testing? A Google search on MVPs and how to test them yields A LOT of disinformation. In this post, we’re going to head back to first principles…
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Focus on Uncertainty, not on Horizons

Guest Post by Ben Schmuck, Lean Innovation Manager, Caterpillar Inc.   Dear Fellow Corporate Innovators, We’ve all heard of the “Core, Adjacent, Transformational” or “Three Horizons” innovation framework. Core innovation…
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Observing Human Behavior To Create Value

Tyrome “Ty” Smith at Parsons Corp. Tyrome “Ty” Smith, has spent over 25 years consulting and leading executives and their teams by helping them understand human and organizational dynamics. Currently, he…
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Building A Startup For Long-Term Success

Learn the key to a successful digital transformation, Eric’s most common advice for founders, and tips for jump-starting innovation in legacy environments in this lively podcast featuring Eric Ries and…
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How Parenthood Sparked a Business

We recently hosted a conversation between Blueland co-founder and CEO Sarah Paiji Yoo and our newest moderator Chris Guest. They discuss how becoming a mom led Sarah to create a…
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3 Mental Models To Reduce Uncertainty and Increase Winning

Chris Cochella We had a conversation with Chris Cochella, serial entrepreneur and founder of Brackitz, an award-winning children’s STEM education building system. He shared with us three mental models intended to reduce uncertainty in highly uncertain environments. Lean…
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The Realities Facing Female Founders

We recently hosted the second episode of a six-part podcast series we’re doing with Silicon Valley Bank. In episode two, Lean Startup Co. Chief of Staff CJ Legare spoke with…
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Bringing Biotech to the Masses

Discovering a Problem by Being a Beginner When Julie Legault was a masters student at the MIT Media Lab, she was encouraged to try new things and to do things…
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