How To Build Your Dream Lean Team

Written by Misti Yang, Contributor for Lean Startup Co. “Think big. Start small. Scale fast.” This is the mantra of Lean teams described by Eric Ries in his upcoming book, The Startup Way. Whether you’re struggling in an actual startup or trying to build an internal one at an established organization, a Lean team approach can … Continued

Taking Ownership of Your Transformation Language

Thanks to Lean Startup Co. Education Program Senior Faculty member Jonathan Bertfield for contributing this piece. His specialty is supporting digital transformations inside large enterprises. If your company would benefit from his expertise in bringing the Lean Startup practice to large complex organizations, drop us a line. As companies of all sizes adopt organizational changes … Continued

A Sneak Peek at the Lean Startup Week Program

                        With our Lean Startup Week Summer Sale ending tonight, July 31 at midnight PT, here’s the day-to-day breakdown on the conference to help convince you (or your boss) that you should join us in San Francisco. Our program has never been more exciting … Continued

Lean Startup Week Call for Proposals is Now Open

Written by Jennifer Maerz, Editor-in-Chief at Lean Startup Co. Some exciting news about this year’s Lean Startup Week (Oct. 30-Nov. 5) for all you potential speakers out there: we’re shaking things up in 2017. The flagship conference is directly tied to Eric Ries’ upcoming book, The Startup Way, and we’re hosting the event at different … Continued

The Evolution of THE STARTUP WAY Cover

Guest post by Marcus Gosling, VP of Product, Long-Term Stock Exchange.             I’m excited to reveal the final cover for Eric’s next book, THE STARTUP WAY, coming October 17. I’ve been working with Eric since the IMVU days and designed the cover for The Lean Startup… I was excited to … Continued

Sometimes You Have To Say No: Five Insights on Learning from Customers

Written by Misti Yang, Contributor for Lean Startup Co. When Chika Uwazie met Eric Ries, she asked, “When are you coming to Africa?” But she didn’t wait for him to arrive to start implementing Lean Startup practices. As the co-founder and CEO of TalentBase, a HR management system designed for small to medium-sized companies in … Continued

The Right Peers, Support, Action: Three Steps to Corporate Innovation

Written by Misti Yang, Contributor for Lean Startup Co. Bob Jansen launched the Dutch Lean Startup Circle, a network of entrepreneurs dedicated to exploring Lean Startup practices through meetups and workshops, in 2009 with his Firmhouse partner Robbert van Geldrop. It wasn’t long before folks from corporations started showing up at Circle meetups wanting to … Continued

Don’t Eat Strategy for Breakfast and Five Other Lean Enterprise Tips

Written by Misti Yang, Contributor for Lean Startup Co. Lean Enterprise offers solutions for large organizations that want to do more than mere “innovation theater” — superficial practices that go through the motions of innovating without producing lasting products. But even while using Lean Enterprise tactics, innovation leaders often hear the death knell of procedural … Continued