We provide customized, interactive in-person training, virtual coaching, and consulting based upon your current goals and challenges. Our faculty members are the most expert Lean Startup practitioners and teachers in the world.

We travel to any location worldwide to help groups ranging in size from a small number of executives to medium-sized project/product teams to large sets of cross-functional teams. Want to find out more?

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Get a Lean Startup Training Roadmap for Your Large Organization


  • An interactive one, two or three day in-person training to introduce key fundamental concepts within Lean Startup methodology and how to apply them, including customer validation, MVP, pivots and build-measure-learn feedback loop.
  • Advanced workshops and consulting include governance, design thinking, user experience, customer development, innovation accounting, business metrics for design products, hands on customer development for new and existing products, incubation week, exclusive Leader’s Guide workshop and more.
  • The Leader’s Guide Workshop, offered exclusively by Lean Startup Co. is based on Eric Ries’ latest book. Packed full of the latest examples and real-life experiences, this workshop brings a change-management perspective to building a Lean Startup Culture in your organization.
  • Time to work on actual projects (not hypotheticals) in a practical workshop environment and experience hands-on activities using real-world challenges your organization faces in identifying risk in new product/service development, reducing risk and measuring success.
  • Case studies from large institutions that use Lean Startup methods and an overview of the framework for successful implementation in a large organization.
  • Learn the latest advances in Lean Startup methodology.
  • Strategy sessions to help executive leaders establish an innovation framework.
  • Virtual coaching and ongoing support so you can independently execute, sustain momentum and drive lasting results over time.

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