Lean Startup Week Guides You Through Long-Term Thinking

Attempting to to lead a company into the future gets frustrating when you’re surrounded by people focused on short-term metrics. When the chain of command expects quick-turn results, or investors can’t see past quarterly returns, we aren’t running efficient businesses—we’re just sprinting our way back to the starting line, over and over and over again.

Lean Startup Week is your chance to shift your business track from a short-termers’ race to a more sustainable path forward.

(Speaking of thinking ahead, if you grab your ticket to Lean Startup Week before July 31, you’ll save big—up to $875!)

We’re excited to announce that the 2016 themes of our flagship San Francisco conference (Oct. 31-Nov. 6) are growth, sustainability, and the tools and practices for getting past the noise of the day-to-day demands to structure your company for the future. Call it a series of long-termers’ coping techniques.

This year’s Lean Startup Week concept is inspired by Eric Ries’ recently-announced position as the CEO of the Long-Term Stock Exchange, a company he founded after being concerned about businesses “being punished by the markets for investing in anything other than driving short-term metrics.”

Who You’ll Hear From

As Lean Startup Week follows the growth narrative with an eye on the future, we’ll be featuring speakers such as esteemed tech guru Guy Kawasaki, who’s making his first appearance with Lean Startup. His experience as a founder, advisor, and venture capitalist uniquely positions him to kickstart the conference with the lessons he’s learned over the years. Along with Guy, we’ll hear case studies centered on and strategies around sustainability from a number of inspiring founders—such as Steve Case (AOL), Caterina Rizzi (Breather), Rand Fishkin (Moz), Matt Brimer (General Assembly, Daybreaker), and Kara Goldin (Hint), among all the other esteemed founders leading keynote talks, breakout sessions, and startup tours.

We’re giving you the big picture from multiple perspectives at Lean Startup Week—while also breaking the days down into targeted concepts. You’ll choose the workshops that best fit your business and interests, with tracks specifically geared toward startups, larger corporations and government agencies, and what we call the DIY blend (benefiting enterprise and bootstrapped companies alike). Dig into the specific issues facing your teams during the live Q&A with Eric, speed mentoring, and master classes taught by our experts, like Brant Cooper and Aaron Eden from Moves the Needle. Brant and Aaron will be talking about Value Stream Discovery (the process of mapping customer engagement with your product from the point of awareness to helping them become passionate ambassadors for your brand). And our own Lean Startup Co. Training & Coaching Program will host a special workshop based on Eric’s recent book, The Leader’s Guide. We have lots to announce in the weeks to come.

What Else?

Network, network, network at one of the many opportunities you’ll have to meet fellow Lean Startup community members from around the world. Between morning yoga, evening attendee dinners, and daylong coworking areas, we’re giving you plenty of chances to connect with like-minded long-termers.

Lean Startup Week puts you inside that all-important innovation ecosystem so you can effectively counter short-termism with real-life strategies. It’s vital to have this skill set now because, as Brad Feld of the Foundry Group put it“If you limit your thinking to one year, you are screwed for the long-term.”

Take advantage of our summer pricing by registering today, and we’ll see you with all the other long-termers this fall.

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