The Most Fun You’ll Have Before 8 A.M. Is With Matt Brimer

Back in 2013, General Assembly co-founder and Lean Startup Week speaker Matt Brimer tried an experiment. He wondered if people would show up for an early morning dance party in the middle of the week. The answer? One hundred and fifty people bought tickets to his first pre-work danceathon — and the community has grown at a rapid pace from there. His parties, which he’s coined Daybreaker, now attract over 500 attendees and have spread to cities around the world.

The concept for Daybreaker replicated the genesis of General Assembly, which also began as a social experiment. Brimer and three friends wanted to create a place where entrepreneurs could come together for collaboration and learning. Since its inception in 2011, General Assembly (GA) has turned into a global education company that offers classes and workshops focused on in-demand skills like technology, design, and business. It helps its students get jobs and its entrepreneurs start businesses.

In this Lean Startup webcast on May 5th, we’ll talk to Matt about how he built General Assembly into a powerful education community and how he’s turning Daybreaker into a global lifestyle brand.

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