Our Two-Day Bootcamp in Corporate Innovation

You want to create serious, lasting change in your corporation’s processes and products and it’s causing you some serious migraines? We get it. But luckily we also happen to know some amazing corporate trailblazers who can help you with the specifics of your mission.

Lean Startup instigators at government agencies, industrial corporations, educational organizations, and media companies alike learned how to transform and modernize their workplaces in impressive ways. You can exchange ideas with these enterprise leaders, in person, together with just 200 other corporate decision makers and influencers as part of our intimate new learning labs series.

Learn the nuances of enterprise innovation from these industry rock stars during our Lean Startup Labs two-day crash-course Feb. 24-25 in New York City. (Space is very limited, so sign up for yourself or your team now)

Our Enterprise Summit is an experiment in focusing first and foremost on our corporate community. This two-day bootcamp is structured to sharpen your Lean Startup skills and expand your network of corporate leaders modernizing their workplaces. During our hands-on workshops, keynote talks, startup tours, Q&A sessions, and optional VIP dinner, you’ll meet the folks making lasting headway in corporate innovation. Even better, you’ll be able to pull these mentors aside and hear their suggestions for issues you’re grappling with, or get further clarification about exactly how they’ve managed to make something work with their teams.

The Enterprise Lab is designed for both the Lean Startup newbie seeking an applicable entry point to the methodology and the OG intrapreneur hungry to transform multiple teams at once.

So what exactly are you getting with the price of admission to the Enterprise Lab?

  • The global perspective on enacting change from inside a division of the United Nations (which should be a source of inspiration for anyone tackling an international brand)
  • A live case study from Pearson, which was awarded the 2015 prizes for Best Innovation Culture and Best Innovation Product in the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards
  • Practical advice on how to scale innovation in the corporate world from experts who’ve made it happen in their workplaces
  • A refresher in all the terms and concepts you’ll need to be an effective corporate leader, from innovation accounting to the major developments in organizational culture
  • A hands-on workshop on complementary methodologies to Lean Startup, such as Design Thinking
  • A Lean Startup bootcamp where you’ll generate and test a hypothesis using an experiment of your own design, with step-by-step help from our trained coaches
  • The chance to work through specific obstacles with your team while you have the ear of leaders who’ve modernized incredible organizations
  • Time behind the scenes at new and emerging New York institutions, during our Startup Tours (at Uber, Artivest, Breather, Managed by Q, PCMag Labs, The Muse) and at our VIP dinner for speakers and attendees at Norwood Club, a members-only hub for the city’s creative community.
  • Experience New York with leading edge-spaces on the brain: from our Enterprise Labs HQ, Civic Hall, a community center for civic tech startups, to the 21st century take on cafe-meets-retail space on the ground floor of the Hall, to Capital One’s innovation lab across the street.
  • The unique summit-only combo of specialized best practices for corporate leaders, learning by doing, and tips and suggestions from other attendees who also work in the enterprise sphere
  • Intimate Q&A sessions where your questions will get answered
  • Afternoon roundtables where teams work together to tackle the big issues

Check out the full schedule of activities and opportunities here.

Whether you’re looking to scale intrapreneurship or you just want to get some MVP experiments off the ground, the Enterprise Lab caters to your corporate innovation needs. Space is limited to 200 attendees, though, and this is our only corporate summit of the year, so grab your tickets now if you want a guaranteed spot.

Lean Startup Labs Summit Series isn’t just another business conference. Inspired by feedback from you, Lean Startup community, we’ve created a series of regional events intended to host a smaller audience and meet you where you live.

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