Build Products Customers Love and Innovate with Confidence

with Ben Hafele and Hisham Ibrahim

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Ben Hafele
Managing Director

Hisham Ibrahim

Executives Need a Way to Build Products Customers Love and Innovate with Confidence

The traditional management approach of “locking in product roadmaps and business plans up front, then going all-in on investment” wastes time, money, and talent, and tends to result in building things customers don’t want.

Rather than continuing the status quo and expecting a different result, leading companies are implementing The Lean Startup approach. Instead of asking product and innovation teams to pretend they have all the answers up front, teams leveraging Lean Startup engage in testing the most critical assumptions that underpin their product roadmap or business plan, leading to rapid decisions about whether to continue their initiative, change course, or park the opportunity entirely.

Lean Startup Co. has distilled the Lean Startup approach into a simple yet powerful system that any organization can implement, based on our experience supporting implementation of Lean Startup at hundreds of organizations across the globe in a variety of industries. You’ll be shocked by how easy it is to get started with Lean Startup at your organization.

What you get:

  • Why traditional management practices are wasteful
  • What the Lean Startup system is
  • How Lean Startup eliminates waste and reduces risk
  • Examples of how Lean Startup has been implemented at various organizations
  • How you can implement Lean Startup starting immediately

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