How Farmgirl Flowers & Meeteor Launched Their Lean Startups

In 2010, Farmgirl Flowers’ Christina Stembel quit her gig at Stanford to launch a startup aimed at personalizing the cookie-cutter flower delivery industry. Her locally-sourced, artistically arranged, and totally gorgeous bouquets took off with a customer base craving naturally vibrant flowers. Now Christina is a successful founder who has grown her business from a bike-delivery service in San Francisco to a national destination for on-demand bouquets picked from American farms.

Christina is one of two female founders we’ll be chatting with in our next Lean Startup webcast focusing on the specific strategies of next level CEOs. Our other guest on Aug. 31st is Mamie Kanfer Stewart, who is doing the brave work of killing off unproductive meetings through her company Meeteor, which helps organizations use meetings to drive productivity and collaboration rather than being massive time and soul-sucks.

The two founders will talk with Lean Startup expert Aubrey Smith about the companies they’re building and the Lean Startup methods that helped them get their businesses off the ground.