Getting Started: Building Your Innovation System

Learn about the early challenges and wins from two Innovation leaders who have recently established an Innovation System in their organization leveraging The Lean Startup methodology.

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Jonathan Bertfield
Senior Director,
Lean Startup Co.

Rachel Nguyen
Director of Future Labs,
Nissan North America Inc

Jonathan Bertfield
Senior Director,
Lean Startup Co.

The journey to establish an innovation system is rarely a straight line.

Jonathan Bertfield, Senior Director at Lean Startup will lead a panel discussion with Rachel Nguyen from Nissan and Chris Withers from British Telecom, two corporate leaders who are in the first 12 months of their journey leading the charge to design and build an innovation system capable of driving a sustainable pipeline of new opportunities.

At Lean Startup Co. we are passionate about learning and this is a prime example of where we can all benefit from learning about the journey others have taken. There are early wins to aim for, pitfalls to avoid, and long-term foundations to establish.

With a Lean Startup innovation system established, your organization can enjoy the benefits of product experimentation at scale, a portfolio of innovation initiatives, and rapid decision-making.

This webinar includes discussion on:

  • Building alignment with leadership across the enterprise
  • The challenges and value of a distinct innovation strategy
  • Identifying key metrics to measure system-level progress

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