Lean Startup is proving to be an effective innovation management practice–but mastering it requires fresh leadership. Transforming your organization into one that continuously innovates requires leaders who can create change. They must possess the ability to influence internal systems and to affect the culture of your organization. These leaders play a specific role: they are mentors.

Mentorship is not the same as management and does not come easy to most. But effective mentoring is critical to the success of internal innovation programs. The good news: your organization already has these future mentors in its midst. The trick: identifying them, nurturing them and empowering them to make a difference for others.

In this webcast, Carie Davis, Global Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Coca Cola, and Brant Cooper, founder of Moves The Needle and author of The Lean Entrepreneur, discuss the challenges of developing new leadership skills to support transformation within your organization. Join us to learn why the future of innovation leadership is mentorship!

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