Meena Palaniappan

Founder & CEO, Atma Connect.


Meena Palaniappan is the Founder and CEO of Atma Connect, an award-winning nonprofit headquartered in California. Since 2014, Meena has led Atma Connect to becoming a globally-recognized technology nonprofit focused on helping the urban poor to connect, neighbor-to-neighbor, by sharing information and solutions, taking collective action, and building community resilience. An environmental engineer and technologist, Meena has been implementing technology projects for nearly two decades, including ICT for development projects in Africa and Asia. In 2015, Atma launched AtmaGo, a neighborhood-level mobile app in Indonesia for users to share real-timeinformation and solutions to better prepare for disasters, to improve their access to basic needs, and to address chronic vulnerabilities. Atma is a winner of the 2015 Tech for Good’s Award and the global 2016 IDEO Amplify Urban Resilience Challenge. Ms. Palaniappan worked for many decades on international water and sanitation issues, has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering, and an M.S. in Energy and Resources.