Tuesday, Nov 1
1:45 PM
Master Class for Enterprise Practitioners – Part 2
Amador (Hyatt)
David Binetti  |  Lean Startup Co.  |  @dbinetti
Jonathan Bertfield  |  Lean Startup Co.  |  @berters

Has your organization already decided to implement Lean Startup but now is struggling with the details of exactly how to get that accomplished?  Wondering how to set up unsexy but critical policies like corporate governance and innovation accounting?  Searching for the answers to questions posed by finance, legal and the C-Suite?  If so, then this Master Class is for you. Hear from Lean Startup Co. training program senior faculty Jonathan Bertfield and Dave Binetti who will share real-world examples from their Fortune 500 clients on how to solve these and more real-world challenges.  Note that participants should already be familiar with Lean Startup concepts; this class is not about teaching Lean Startup itself but instead about teaching how to implement the methodology in a larger organization.

This is a 5 hour class. Participants are encouraged to come to the session with data from real projects inside their organizations that will be workshopped in various exercises.