Ensō Awards

Here at Lean Startup Co., we appreciate the wealth of knowledge our community of experts imparts when it comes to modern management techniques. We’re big fans of all the great books they’ve written and continue to write offering specific strategies on spurring growth and entrepreneurship across sectors and industries around the world. And hey, we love a good reading list, especially one compiled by the leadership gurus in whom we trust most.

So we’re launching a new annual awards program, called the Ensō Awards, to help celebrate the best modern management and entrepreneurship books released in the past 18 months. Think of the nominee titles as a checklist of what all savvy business leaders should have on their bookshelves (and iPads… and Kindles), and the winners as the books you really need to bump up to your nightstand.

The namesake for this award is the Japanese character ensō, the hand-drawn circular symbol Eric Ries used for the cover of his book The Lean Startup, and one that in our community also represents the build-measure-learn cycle.

The criteria for Ensō Awards consideration is simply that the book has to have been released between Jan. 2016 and now, and that it’s focused on modern management and entrepreneurship strategies. From there, we don’t mind if the tactics came packaged as an eBook, an old fashioned tome, or something in-between. Nominate your picks here.

The Lean Startup Co. Program Committee, together with select members of our expert network, drafts the list of categories. All community members can then nominate their favorite work, and we’ll offer the ballot to our conference attendees to vote on. The winners will be announced during the Ignite Opening Ceremony of Lean Startup Week. To join our first annual Ensō Awards, register for a pass here.