Learn By Doing

Lean Enterprise Workshops (Oct. 31 & Nov. 1)*

At Lean Startup Week, you can engage with a series of interactive workshops on Oct. 31 & Nov 1:

  • A rare workshop with Eric Ries (co-led by Lean Startup Labs senior faculty member Marilyn Gorman) on enterprise transformation using the Lean Startup way on Oct. 31 (Limited to the first 200 Gold Passholders)
  • On Nov. 1, first, choose between workshops on “The ROI of Innovation: Demystifying Innovation Accounting” with David Binetti & Hugh Molotsi (Senior Faculty, Lean Startup Co.) or “Growing and Scaling a High Performance Culture” with Jez Humble (DevOps Research and Assessment LLC) or “Lean Product Roadmaps: Setting Direction While Embracing Uncertainty” with Bruce McCarthy (Founder & CEO, UpUp Labs)
  • Then choose between a second round of Nov. 1 workshops on “The New Set of Innovation Metrics You Should Keep in Your Tool Kit” with Alexander Osterwalder (Strategyzer) or “Roadmap to Lean Enterprise Transformation: Where to Start?” with Sonja Kresojevic (Spinnaker), or A Playbook for Achieving Product/Market Fit” with Dan Olsen & Elliot Susel (Senior Faculty, Lean Startup Co.)


Lean Innovation Bootcamp: A Techstars’ Startup Weekend (Nov. 3-5)*

Put the methodology directly into use to create your own Lean Startups, with the goal of launching an MVP in 54 hours. Includes keynote talk by Jim Hornthal, Executive Chairman, Launchpad.

*Denotes for Gold Passholders only

Join us for Lean Startup Week on Oct. 30-Nov. 5 in San Francisco! Register here.