Amee Mungo

Client Leadership, GoKart Labs


Amee Mungo has spent the last 20+ years discovering, creating, and building disruptive and enlightening digital customer experiences and products with tech startups, the Fortune 100, and innovation and growth labs. Pursuing paths of entrepreneurship, product development, and graduate studies in Design have forged a knowledge set and mastery of human-centered design, Lean product innovation, and growth strategy in some of the markets that need it most—financial services, fintech, and healthcare. Her work informs and fuses the must-have need of qualitative research and experience design with quantitative analysis and insight. Amee’s work challenges teams in their pursuit of the unknown customer opportunity—taking them into the earliest stages of raw customer feelings, habit, insight, and unspoken need for disruptive innovation. Her consulting enlivens awareness of what is possible while delivering a sound strategic roadmap—articulating early customer intent and business opportunity with business stakeholders, product leaders, and development teams. Amee currently works with the digital innovation lab GoKart Labs, where she helps lead the growth of the D.C. lab through client engagements that empower companies to invent, make, market, and transform their ideas, products, development, people, culture, and their markets.