Priya Rajan

Director, Early Stage Practice, Silicon Valley Bank


Priya Rajan is currently the Director of Early Stage Practice at Silicon Valley Bank, exclusively focused on the innovation sector, and engages with founders as they start their journey to build a company.

Silicon Valley Bank works with more than 50 percent of the venture capital-backed companies in the US and increasingly has a global focus (with offices in the UK, China, Israel, and Ireland; as well as partnerships in Australia, Turkey, Latin America and Western Europe).

As a part of Early Stage team, Priya leads community engagement initiatives including D&I entrepreneurship groups and Universities across the globe, and mentors entrepreneurs as they dream, build, and inspire to disrupt the status quo.

Prior to this, she also played lead operational roles for 8+ years in establishing a global footprint for SVB (China, Israel, India, UK, Honk Kong, etc.).

Prior to joining SVB, she held financial management roles for 10+ years at various institutions including Charles Schwab.

She has an MBA from Cornell University and a California CPA.

She also serves on the board of Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization truly close to her heart.