Friday Nov 3rd

Defining Your Innovation Strategy to Succeed at Scale
The Warfield

When companies first start out, innovation is what causes them to thrive. However, as organizations grow, competing priorities arise, and innovation winds up taking a back seat to core products that compete for its scarce resources (time, effort, and money).

In today’s disruptive business climate, organizations need to actively develop and support a strategy at the enterprise portfolio level that encourages and supports innovation, instead of crushing it. Companies that want to survive and thrive must do more than merely pay lip service to this commitment. They need to commit to a strategy that makes sense based on its mission, vision, and value proposition; then allocate that spending to ensure they are linking their strategy to execution by developing products that not only deliver business, but consumer value as well.

In this keynote session, Jean Dahl will offer practical advice on how enterprise-level companies can define their Strategic Decision-Making framework, determine their Innovation Strategy based on this framework, and then link it to their product development engine to ensure consumer-based innovation is being created and delivered.