Friday Nov 3rd

Using Lean to Create High-Velocity Teams (Until 2:00pm)
The Village

Great products come from great teams, yet very few companies try their hand at at team design. Too often we rip job descriptions off the web, throw people together without preamble, then simmer in passive-aggressive discontent until someone eventually fires the person we’ve all been rolling our eyes at. Or worse, we avoid firing him until everyone good quits. Can Lean show us a better way to get things done?

Christina Wodtke teaches Lean Entrepreneurship at the university level and coaches executives how to create high-performing organizations. From this intersection she has helped a new kind of team emerge: the Lean Team.

What is the Lean Team?

-Hypothesizes about how we do our work, not just what work we’ll do.

-Holds no ao assumptions about the best way to get things done.

-Is constantly iterating.

-Commits to peer-to-peer accountability and coaching.

-Embraces diversity in experience and culture.

-Engages in formal reflection to increase learning velocity.

The best teams don’t just use Lean Startup methods to create breakthrough products. They use the learning cycle to reduce interpersonal conflict, communicate effectively, and get more done. In this breakout session, we’ll look at the best practices that high velocity, high-learning teams use, and how you can bring them back to your company.