Jean Vernor

Head of Incubator, New Strategic Markets

Munich Re, US

As Head of Incubator, New Strategic Markets, Jean Vernor leads the team responsible for driving innovation to address new, emerging risks at Munich Re, US.

As an intrapreneur and business leader, Jean has extensive experience in business transformation and growth, fueled by innovation. She led marketing and product development for the membership division of Metris Companies, a spinoff of Fingerhut Companies, which became the 10th largest credit card company in the U.S. She’s also led divisions of Fortune 50 public companies such as General Electric where, as president and general manager of their Partnership Marketing Group, she and her team transformed an unprofitable business in three years, fueled by technology innovation. Jean was also a CEO of a mid-sized manufacturing company that sold skin care and legwear products via a subscription model and direct-to-consumer (D2C).