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Thank you for joining us at the 2019 Lean Startup Conference!

Gather with more than a thousand innovators and 100+ expert speakers from across the globe seeking new ideas on how to drive change and solve complex problems. No matter the size or nature of your endeavor, the Lean Startup Conference can equip you with the tools you need to improve how you work and lead.

Join the Movement

The Lean Startup Conference is not a product-launch-a-palooza. It's built on the methods and philosophy outlined in The Lean Startup and The Startup Way, groundbreaking titles by our founder Eric Ries that created a global movement and redefined how organizations, large and small, operate in times of uncertainty. When you attend the Lean Startup Conference, you’ll be taking a bold leap toward paving your organization’s path to sustainable growth and long-term impact.


See highlights and get a sneak peek at the 2019 Lean Startup Conference speakers:

Break Down Your Organization's Unique Challenges

The Lean Startup Conference began as a place for startups and entrepreneurs to learn how to turn an idea into a reality. The event has evolved to also provide substance and support for senior leaders, change-agents, and founders who need to start working in new ways. In effect, the conference sessions are uniquely suited for several scenarios:

  • Early-stage startup founders seeking the best practices of entrepreneurship
  • Venture-backed founders looking for practical techniques to get the most out of fast-growing teams
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs wondering how to achieve product/market fit
  • Senior leaders and project teams within large, complex organizations wanting to build a culture and framework for innovation
  • Non-profit leaders hoping to learn how Lean Startup applies to the unique needs of mission-driven organizations
  • Small business owners looking to jumpstart growth

Current and Past Sponsors/Attendees Include:

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“The attendees were all so welcoming and open to meeting new people. I came alone and never felt out of place! I loved the transparent nature of all the speakers. They were not speakers on a speaking circuit, they were people on the journey just like us, with something to share that we could learn from.”

— Teresa Embree, Innovation Program Manager, Home Printing Solutions, first-time attendee in 2018

Build, Measure, and Learn with the Experts

Over the course of three days, you’ll rub elbows with world-class speakers and influential leaders. You’ll walk away with insights and lessons from:

  • Expert faculty
  • Lean Startup practitioners
  • Transformational founders
  • Established enterprises
  • Tech titans
  • The next generation of Silicon Valley upstarts

“If I could’ve attended the Lean Startup Conference at the start of my career I would’ve really valued the great mix of inspiration and tactics. The inspiration because it’s hard to start anything and it’s so useful to connect to people who can excite you and inspire you. But getting really tactical is important too because all of the inspiring statements in the world only help if you can actually do the thing that you’re trying to do.”

— Kathryn Minshew, Founder & CEO at The Muse, and Author of "The New Rules of Work"

Immerse Yourself in Experience and Education

The Lean Startup Conference is jam-packed with engaging events. Check out last year’s program to see for yourself how many choices you’ll have. Round tables, workshops and keynote presentations are led by industry leaders who are eager to share their knowledge and answer questions.

Entrepreneurial-minded professionals from across all industries will divulge stories of building success out of failure and share strategies that can help you do the same. Breaks are strategically built into the schedule and are designed to function as a time to make meaningful connections. From breakfast to last call, every moment of the conference is designed to be valuable to you and your team.

"The Lean Startup isn’t just for startups anymore. At this conference you’ll meet experienced practitioners in scale-ups, enterprises, governments, non-profits, education… you name it. You can’t help but raise your game, get inspired, and learn new things to apply immediately.”

— Ed Essey, Director of Intrapreneurship and Incubation, Microsoft Garage

Connect with Colleagues, Collaborators, and Friends

The relationships formed here prove to be valuable resources for years. The conference happens on a global stage, giving you the chance to interact with attendees from around the world. In addition to the lessons learned in our keynotes and sessions, you’ll also gain:

  • Valuable contacts
  • New tools and frameworks
  • Trusted mentors
  • Lasting friendships